A Ray of Sunshine One Scarf at a Time for Women Fighting Cancer

Our Mission

To spread courage and strength one scarf at a time to       women fighting cancer. 

All Ages.  All Stages.  All Cancers.

Courage for the Soul provides a Scarf of Courage, at no cost, to anyone experiencing the thinning or loss of hair as a result of chemotherapy. Each scarf is a gift of courage that carries with it the support and infinite wishes of people who care.  It also represents the courage and strength of those who wear it.  Our goal is to, in some way, ease their journey, provide a "ray of sunshine" through a beautiful scarf,  and inspire hope and courage to keep fighting cancer.

“Losing my hair was a profound moment for me because it was the first time I realized that life would be different. When I received the first scarves gifted by my best friend and cousin, it was a meaningful moment. It completely lifted my soul.”
— Founder, María Luisa González


What They're Saying

Had a tough day of full of appointments and test, which culminated in having my chemo port put in. Then, I got home to see my beautiful scarf of courage had arrived. It had a hand written note. Thank you so much! This means so much to me, specially on a day like this one!
— sunshineduringhl
Thank you to Courage for the Soul not only for sending me a beautiful scarf, but for following along with me on my journey and your words of encouragement. Much love to you.
— emilyhopper