When women are faced with hair-loss due to chemotherapy, they want to feel as beautiful as they did when they had hair. Courage for the Soul wants you to know you are not alone.  Our goal is to, in some way, ease someone's journey, provide a "ray of sunshine" through a beautiful scarf,  and inspire hope and courage to keep fighting cancer. 

Courage for the Soul provides a Scarf of Courage, at no cost, to anyone experiencing the thinning or loss of hair as a result of chemotherapy. Each scarf is a gift of courage that carries with it the support and infinite wishes of people who care.  It also represents the courage and strength of those who wear it.  


There is no cost to request a scarf.  However, as a nonprofit organization we rely on donations to fulfill our mission.  Your contribution is more than a donation.  

Please help us continue send a headscarf to courageous women fighting cancer and experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment. Your donation allows us to purchase fabrics, scarves and mail them to those in need, free of charge.