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Give a 'ray of sunshine' to a loved one or someone you know who is experiencing hair loss as a result of illness or chemotherapy treatment.  A Courage for the Soul scarf is a meaningful way to support a loved one or a friend fighting cancer.  A Scarf of Courage can be requested for someone currently receiving chemotherapy treatment as a gift to support a friend or loved one facing cancer.  

 Each scarf comes with a message of courage and information about our scarf program.  Please submit a Gift Scarf Request and we will send them a scarf.   To request a scarf for yourself, please go to Request a Scarf for Yourself page and complete the form.

Shipping may take 7-10 days depending upon stock and demand.  Shipping is only offered within the 50 states of the USA, including U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, no internatinal shipping.

Gift Scarf Request Form

Gift Recipient Information - Person Receiving the Scarf
Name of Receipient *
Name of Receipient
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Date of Diagnosis *
Date of Diagnosis
Our donated scarves are always evolving, so we may not be able to guarantee your preferences, but we will always do our BEST! Please provide two suggested colors or preferred prints.
Gift Giver Information - Person Requesting the Scarf
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Name of Giver
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Phone Number
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Your contribution is more than a donation.  Please help us to continue providing a "ray of sunshine" for courageous women experiencing hair loss due to chemotherapy treatment. Your donation will enable us to continue our mission and mail scarves free of charge. There is no cost to request a scarf for someone else. However, as a nonprofit organization we rely on donations to fulfill our mission.  If you wish to make a donation in honor of your recipient, please press the donation button. No donation is ever too small.