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When women are faced with hair-loss due to chemotherapy, they want to feel as beautiful as they did when they had hair.  Courage for the Soul wants you to know you are not alone.  If you are currently receiving chemotherapy treatment, you may request a Scarf of Courage.  A scarf with a "ray of sunshine",  along with a message of courage, will be sent to lift your soul on those dark days.  If you could use a "ray of sunshine" during your fight against cancer please submit a Scarf Request for Yourself form. 

Due to the limited number of available scarves, we are currently only honoring scarf requests for patients currently undergoing treatment. One request per person. We reserve the right to determine, based solely upon our discretion, whether a submitted request will be honored.

Each scarf comes with a message of courage and information about our scarf program.   If you are requesting a scarf as a gift for a loved one or friend, please go to Request a Scarf for Someone Else.

Shipping may take 7-10 days depending upon stock and demand.  Shipping is only offered within the 50 states of the USA, including U.S. territories, such as Puerto Rico, no international shipping.

Scarf Request Form

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Our donated scarves are always evolving, so we may not be able to guarantee your preferences, but we will always do our BEST!
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Each month, we feature a woman who embodies what it means to live life over cancer.


There is no cost to request a scarf for yourself. However, as an organization we rely on donations to fulfill our mission.  If you wish to make a donation, please press the donation button. No donation is ever too small.